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Using Tools and the Magnetic Waterstick

Magnetic Power for your Wellbeing

Andra von Avalon - Holistic Lifestyle Coaching

I care about the colour and form of everything that keeps me company everyday.
I am very aware of the energy of things surrounding us and I consciously choose every thing which I use or wear.
And of course I have always loved to wear all sorts of jewellery, especially the unique pieces created by my friend Renate Knauer (http://www.renateknauer.de).

When I discovered the magnetic products and jewellery made by the German company ENERGETIX Jewellery & Wellness, I was immediately charmed and delighted.

The benefits of magnets and magnetic fields is undisputable for me, since I have experienced the benefits after a meniscus operation in 2008.
The stylish and modern design, the quality of the material and the reasonable pricing charmed and convinced me immediately, so I integrated these lifestyle products into my Holistic Lifestyle portfolio.

Have a look at my Webshop
and judge for yourself.

Magnetic Juwellery with Leo-Design

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

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