Geschrieben von: Andra von Avalon
Holistic Coaching - Holistic Coaching

Think Global - Start Local

At the moment a lot of people are feeling overwhelmed by the current events all over the world.
Mass media pretends to be in charge of all the pictures and detailed information of earthquakes, tsunamis, volcano eruptions and atomic catastrophes. Mass media simplifies, speculates and presents rumours as facts and brainwashes us by constantly flooding us with the supposedly newest of news.
As a result we don't get all these pictures out of our brains anymore and start feeling small, depressed and helpless.

Andra von Avalon has decided to contribute her share of breaking this vicious cycle of fear and depression by opening a new perspective of perceiving - internally and externally.

Actually, each of us can do a lot to change things - as soon as we stop feeling helpless regarding the events thousands of miles away and start changing things right where we are living, right behind and in front of our entrance door.

Services offered are:

Holistic Coaching:
a) individual coaching sessions
b) coaching workshops

++ family and partner coaching
++ company and project coaching
d) telephone coaching

Sense Your Senses:
a) Sense-Your-Senses seminars
b) Sense-Your-Senses workshops and evenings

++ Sense-Your-Senses - YIN (especially for women)
++ Sense-Your-Senses - YANG (especially for men)

Industry & Mystery
a) Asian Face Reading seminars
b) Moderation of company workshops
c) Presentations on conferences
d) Sales Training (including Asian Face Reading)

Prices depend largely on the individual requirements of the client and it has to be determined first, which the kind of service will most suitable, supporting and beneficial.

For further information please don't hesitate to contact Andra directly.