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Life Becomes Easy when Head and Heart speak the same Language


1) The Reconnection™ - as taught by Eric Pearl (see video below)
Practitioner of The Reconnection™ (Level I/II+III):
a) Reconnective Healing™ Sessions
b) The Reconnection™

Dr. Eric Pearl showing Reconnective Healing™ in an American TV-Show


2) Holistic Coaching
a) individual coaching sessions
b) coaching workshops
- family and partner coaching
- company and project coaching
c) telephone coaching


3) Sense Your Senses
a) Sense-Your-Senses seminars
b) Sense-Your-Senses workshops and evenings
c) Sense-Your-Senses - YIN (especially for women)
d) Sense-Your-Senses - YANG (especially for men)


4) Industry & Mystery
a) Holistic Process Optimisation
b) The FaceIT! Tool Kit
- Seminars "Asian Face Reading for Sales Situations"
+ Level I - Basics
+ Level II - Advanced Features
- Moderation of company workshops
- Presentations on conferences and trade fairs
- Sales training (including Asian Face Reading)


5) Mystic Travels
"Mystic Travel"  means to travel with your senses switched on - thus begins the sensual discovery tour,  on which people are becoming more and more  aware of their senses by  tastes, scents, textures and the special energy  of mysterious or mystic  places with thrilling history.
The program of these travels
depend on the kind of interests and experiences most sought after, suitable, supportive or beneficial for the client.
For further information please contact Andra or Sabine directl


6) Magnetic Juwellery and Wellness Accessories
I am a sales partner of
ENERGETIX Magnetic Juwellery & Wellnes GmbH



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