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The Labyrinth of Life


Sense-Your-Senses-Adventures in the Labyrinth of Life


With more than 20 years of solid IT-experience I explored systems and methods based on different cultural and philosophical principles and models with a practical mind-set.

Philosophy, Religion and Science have always been trying to answer this essential question, but I missed a holistic and multicultural blend offering the space for my personal way through the labyrinth of life, as everyone is an idividual with different dreams and goals, with experiences and longing of his own - and deep inside ourselves we know the answers to our questions.

My idea was to get rid of the cobwebs of time and the esoteric "ivory-tower"-thinking and update multi-cultural ancient wisdom and knowledge, using its essence in Holistic Coaching for life, business and lifestyle.


Holistic Coaching with FaceIT!
It is my role during a coaching session to act as a catalyst or mediator to make people remember who they really are and live their lifes simply being themselves.
I call this approach "FaceIT!".
Because Let's Face it - when head and heart speak the same language life becomes easy.


Industry & Mystery Services with FaceIT!
Technological progress and emotional intelligence belong together.
Especially in Sales it is important to "talk the same language" to be able to provide the suitable product, service or solution matching the needs and requirements of your customer requires.
For this purpose  FaceIT! offers an approach based on Asian Face Reading suitable for everyone who has to communicate and understand people he just meet or hardly knows.


Sense your Senses
"Sense Your Senses" is a about then never-ending discovery tour of becoming more and more aware ofone's  senses by tastes, scents, textures and the special energy of mysterious or mystic places with thrilling history.
Especially on events and incentives the sensations of ears and eyes are additionally stimulated by live music and art, which both contribute to create the special atmosphere to make the event a unique experience for all participants.


Mystic Travels
"Mystic Travels" is about enjoying the energy of special sites and sleeping in special places with good food and atmosphere. Isn't it much more invigorating to spend the evening before an important meeting in an old mill or a romantic château in the countryside instead of the staying in a classic business hotel?


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